Each object has painted its vertices, in order to be affected by the wind

all objects share the same material and texture, which helps improve performance.

It comes with a shader that allows you to render on both sides of the same face, showing quite populated branches.

it animates the vertices to give that sensation of affectation by the wind,

and allows real-time light for a single directional light, allowing you to use day and night cycles on mobile phones.

It includes falling leaf particles and butterflies that also share the same material

It has several models of trees, shrubs, cactus, fungi, aquatic plants, dry trunks, of different habitats.

Desert plants, aquatic plants, tropical, forest, forest, cliff plants

for more information visit my page or below in the description, to know where to buy it.


It contains all kinds of plants, shrubs, cacti, aquatic, tropical, jungle plants, dry trunks, leaf particles and butterflies. It was designed for the development of mobile or low-income games, it contains the vertices painted to simulate the affectation by the movement of the wind and they share a single texture and a single material, it has a unity double-sided shader, a movement function of vertices and a shading for a single directional light, this allows better performance and more volume. for more information visit my page

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